how i accidentally adopted a snail


A real-life true story. For best results, trim the edges before folding!

To make your zine:

  1. Download this PDF & print it on 8.5" x 11" paper (or whatever paper makes your heart happy, tbh).
  2. Fold the printed paper into eighths, then unfold it .
  3. Fold it back in half the short way, make a cut down the middle until it reaches halfway into the folded paper, and unfold it again.
  4. Fold the paper in half the long way, and push the two ends of the paper inward so that the portion you previously cut makes a diamond shape.
  5. Keep pushing that direction until the paper makes an "X" shape.
  6. Fold all the sections to one side so the title is at the front and you see the page with "" on the back.
  7. That's it! If you'd like some better visuals for how to do these folds, check out this zine-making video by the San Mateo County Library.
I want this!

A PDF of the zine

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how i accidentally adopted a snail

I want this!